B: The Beer



Who doesn’t love craft beer? A huge change since leaving behind the pretty lights was the culture I was about to become apart of, and huge part of that culture was breweries, craft beer, and the crazy passionate people that came along with it! From stouts to wheats, and wheats to IPA’s I was slowly learning the most important lesson in life; how to drink properly. I acquired the taste of a 45 year old man and was amazed by the talent, passion, and time some people were putting into this form of art. Some of the best places in my little south-west town are places everyone should visit.

TAPISTRY Bridgeman MI – GREENBUSH Sawyer MI – LIVERY Benton Harbor MI


Greenbush’s Tier III beer, Red Bud

Among other things like acquiring this skill to understand flavors in beer, I was meeting some interesting people with some interesting tales, and I was also starting to appreciate all of that neat locations Michigan has to offer for beer lovers and travelers. It was, and still is, awesome to try new places, taste new beers, and meet new people along the way. I even take back all my knowledge of this art to my friends in Chicago.. and even they can’t believe their taste buds!!! The best part too: each place is as unique as the last. With these Michigan liquor licenses, each brewery can only have their own beers, wines, and liquors on tap! And to top it all off, you get to stuff your face with amazing food as well. Each place is known for their wonderful food as well.