A: The Adventures


Silver Beach in St. Joseph Michigan



One can only imagine all the cool things you can do in the state of Michigan, and I was about to experience it all first hand. There was so much to do the moment I moved here, and it wasn’t your typical Wrigley Field visit or a day spent on Michigan Ave.. but some real outdoor things. If there was something you know about me it’s that I am not a girly girl by any means, so I was ready to get my hands a little dirty. In the summer the lake is absolutely beautiful and filled with awesome people. Some visiting their summer homes, some traveling across the state, and some who have spent their entire lives here, and everyone had one thing in common: ready to adventure. Whether it was renting a canoe for the day, parasailing, or going on a wine tour the place was buzzing from morning to night. But here I am in this tourist centered place, in the dead of winter. Now what?? To my surprise the adventure didn’t end and I found myself climbing the frozen waves of Lake Michigan and dodging the melting patches with rushing water underneath. It was exhilarating and had this city girl on her toes.

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